timber extends strategy
  • Ginseng of United States of Germany of industry of abundant China timber extends strategy of parrot floor globalization busy,Draw near the Spring Festival,cheap wooden fence kits enterprise of majority of fine be apt to has been entered cry phase of golden withdraw troops, and Jin Yuehua of president of industry of abundant China timber however without a stop, than at ordinary times busier.

    Came 20 days on January 14, he is heading the parrot floor of the company and elite group, exhibit in order to join, the form of communication, wear with layout of ocean cheap deck railing designs free the other shore on European domain the strategy of globalization of parrot floor sale.

    In visit, material of Han Nuowei ground exhibits Germany is very main one station. It is reported, should exhibit can found 1989, a year one, it is the whole world is the greatest,anti slip fibre floor board the trade that makes highest standard on behalf of world floor industry is exhibited one of meetings, leading world shakedown material the innovation of the industry and development.

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