College floor
  • When you enter some supermarkets or stores when you go into some supermarkets or stores.We will see that some goods are marked with the word "national exemption"and the national exemption from the national inspection.What does "national inspection exemption"mean?

    The manager of the Dulwich College floor, the manager of the floor, said: inspection exemption is a system, it is to meet the requirements of the products from the government implementation of the quality inspection activities.The current inspection of the products is only the country this level, called "national inspection products".

    This is the national product quality to strengthen the composite floor, the application of national exemption must achieve certain conditions: the enterprise has a certain scale;Enterprises have passed ISO9001 quality system certification; Certification by environmental sign; Within three years, the provincial market supervision and check-out inspection all qualified records, has the perfect after-sales service system.

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