harbor examines quarantine
  • According to Jiangsu Home Zhang harbor examines quarantine bureau statistic, bank of Home Zhang harbor imported of all kinds plank to import an amount 2016 in all plastic composite 2x4 lumber two hundred and thirty thousand eight hundred, grow nearly 3 to become compared to the same period, plank import volume innovates again tall.

    As we have learned, main source has the board that this port imports Gabon lumber, Cameroon lumber and Mozambique lumber. Expand demand to satisfy port, composite wood deck harbor of Jiangsu Zhang Jia examines quarantine bureau is strengthening business to superintend, rise involve rate while, advance construction of field of dock lumber library actively, extend depth space, guide position of much spot of lumber library field, promoted the development of port plank market effectively.

    Volume of import of lumber of Ning Bo port breaks through rare log of Africa of 300 million dollar to import growth to grab an eye particularly,2016, shower floor slip resistance decals lumber of peaceful wave port imports the violent wind that estimate value to rise, all achieve the history new tall. According to statistic, annual finishs entrance lumber to examine in all quarantine 6132 batch,

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