choose and buy real wood floor

  • (net of Chinese wood floor) as modern city rhythm accelerate, of daily routine busy miscellaneous much, urban person begins life of slow ” of even more yearning , because this uses the real wood floor board that natural lumber makes,the Mu Wen with its natural tonal, clarity, comfortable foot feels, the style is straightforward, applicability is strong and range is wide,Hand Scraped Asian Teak Engineered Wood Flooring make the first selection of the data of the indoor adornment that lay the ground with necessary common people, how Mudebanye became fact of choose and buy to live in the heat in decorating to discuss a topic. In choose and buy of real wood floor, as consumer for, not be the generator of close all previous of the floor after all, to a few problems or insufficient understanding, because this regards the couplet abundant that produces manufacturer as the floor,be aimed at consumer to pay close attention to the problem that often produces misunderstanding again however to make trifling specification,plastic wall board timber panels the hope can provide a help for consumer.

    Many consumer can be immersed in a such errors when choosing real wood floor board: The chromatism that goes after real wood floor and grain are consistent. chromatism ” often makes the central point of consumer and businessman generation controversy, About Wpc Lumber Suppliers In Tokyooften be buy make a heart, sell call loss, actually the chromatism of real wood floor allows existence, in level of state of People's Republic of China is solid wooden floor " in do not have pair of off color problems to make special provision. Say when to consumer buys a floor board, need not make excessive demands so.

    The tree growth in nature in the process, mix because of the face that receive light be in a poor light of the face different, and the effect that suffers climate change and edaphic condition difference, form the colour and lustre of the different share of lumber of same individual plant naturally, grain each different. Duramen look is normally close, be located in the interior of truncal cross section, duramen is changed gradually by alburnum form, and alburnum is located in truncal exterior, color is normally light. Some are the floors of make it of the root that use a tree in one box floor, some are the floor boards that use make it of the tip of a tree, the floor color that stands by tree root is deep,best solid wood fence the local color that weight big; stands by the tip of a tree is light, the local color that weight light; stands by bark is light, the local color that weight light; stands by tree heart is deep, weight is great. Accordingly, everybody discovers depth of the color in one box floor sometimes abhorrent, weight is different it is this reason.

    Real wood floor is crude products, in the factory of couplet abundant floor that drafts an unit as national level, the lumber of put in storage is the aristocratic breed in coming from virgin forest, the chromatism that exists because of the natural attribute of lumber so is inevitable. If floor of a real wood does not have off color almost, grain is very consistent also, consumer is about to consider the authenticity of floor of this real wood. Coloured is poor, the quality that is not a floor is poor, the colour and lustre that is such nature and grain difference brought more place oneself the Shu Xin at virgin forest is experienced. The household that couplet abundant floor hopes each consumer can have healthy harmony lives!

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