low surface tension
  • fluorine resin modified emulsion because of its low surface tension, good water repellent, with a lotus effect. So it also has good stain resistance. Paint Durability vs. Construction The coating is only attaching fence on top of retaining wall a semi-finished product, and its ultimate purpose is to paint on the surface of the building and to decorate and protect the building. Therefore, after the construction of dry film coating is the finished product. That is, the durability of paint play with its supporting construction technology are closely related, in order to obtain a satisfactory and long-term finishing effect, it must be on the construction quality of the paint to strictly control.

    The durability of the coating is a comprehensive indicator that includes not only the ability of the coating to diy wooden deck withstand climate change but also the decorative effect of the coating over a given period of time. The weatherability of the coating can be determined by natural exposure or artificial accelerated aging. Natural exposure is the sample placed in the actual climate environment, the test results are more accurate. But the test cycle is long, high cost.

    Therefore, the artificial weathering method is generally used to install wood tiles over bare ground evaluate the weatherability of the coating. Artificial accelerated aging is a simulated climate environment, the coating for ultraviolet radiation, rain, heating and other treatment. After the film has been accelerated for a period of time, the surface state (color change, peeling, cracking, foaming) is used as an index for evaluating weatherability. At present, the decorative effect of the coating is mainly determined by the stain resistance of the coating. With a certain amount of contaminated media coated on the surface of the coating, dry and then washed with water, after the free deck plans for pool Malta
    provisions of the cycle, the determination of the coating reflectivity decline rate, indicating that the coating stain resistance.

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