stability of wood floor when in use
  • foreign markets with products, and market demand at home and abroad very much hand scraping and drawing of antique antique series. 2, the value of innovation layer - based multilayer solid wood flooring substrate entirely from science and technology masterpiece, completely changed the traditional thinking of the floor. It uses a stack of rare and non renewable wood arranged in a crisscross pattern is pressed into the substrate, so that the floor of the "stress"

    to achieve balance, eliminate the floor "anisotropic", so as to overcome the traditional wood floors easy warping deformation, shrinkage and swelling and other defects. After the experts tested in a variety of natural environment and geothermal environment, the expansion shrinkage of multilayer solid wood flooring is only 1/15 ~ 1/20 of solid wood veneer, which shows its stability is quite strong. The middle layer part of core plate imported more than 70 years old

    high-quality timber, veneer, after soaking, cooking, drying and other treatment, the internal stress of wood modification makes the cut after close to zero, thus avoiding the core plate cracking in the process of using problem. Solid wood flooring substrate with low density wood, such as eucalyptus, eucalyptus, poplar, camphor pine mixed, multi floor layers generally in the middle of the odd good, as the center of symmetry, the stress on the lower level compete

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