republic government invites
  • Answer subsequently Gabon republic government invites, the delegacy of entrepreneur of China International chamber of commerce that is colonel with Liu Shaoxi of chairman of best coating for porch floors bureau of director of group of vice-chairman of China International chamber of commerce, appropriate China arrives at Gabon republic on April 3, 2017 morning local time, the visit that begins by a definite date 5 days and make an on-the-spot investigation.

    The Liu Zhuangchao that goes to Gabon to make an on-the-spot investigation along with the group returned home on April 9. He discloses, at present appropriate China always composite steps from back door to patio invests to already amounted to 150 million dollar in Gabon, next the likelihood still can have the investment that exceeds 1 billion dollar.

    "At present we predict appropriate China is preliminary can throw 1 billion U.S. dollor, time is very compact also, after be being signed in whole strategy frame, wood plastic panels gabon premier was visited in June China will discuss specific every project how the detail clause of be born, because big frame reachs consensus basically already,outdoor deck manufacturer

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