presses down lumber
  • examine please quarantine bureau changes jointly with city hair appoint, government of the county that face Ying should be reported actively, do well butt joint,real hardwood flooring Norway ask main leader to go to province, ministry to report when necessary. It is reported, lumber treatment is the traditional industry that Luo river city faces Ying county Du Qu to press down.

    Current, du Qu presses down lumber to machine an enterprise to have nearly 1000, sales revenue many yuan 40, pay taxes many yuan 4000, amount to 40 thousand much person from anchoring outdoor kitchen frame personnel of course of study, preliminary formed collect log to buy, plank treatment, household is made, content shedding carries the industrial system at an organic whole,

    log year process capability broke wood composite decking through 4 million cubic metre. What what need raw material to rely on a large number of entrances in view of lumber treatment is actual, luo river examines quarantine bureau aids force to should press down abbacy of inspect of lumber of Shen Jianjin condition,outside wpc deck

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