How to choose the ideal paint
  • Modern home decoration more and more attention to the aesthetic and practicality of decorative materials and environmental protection. "Paint" is one of the focus of attention. General home decoration, the need to use the paint part of the wall, ceiling, doors and windows and furniture. Wall paint is used in water-based latex paint, and wood, metal part of pvc decking pricer per square metre uk the brush is the use of oily paint (enamel). Dulux manufacturer, one of the world's largest supplier of home improvement paints: ICI Paint & Paint Group gives you a brief introduction to the classification and identification criteria for these paints. Latex paint latex paint for the water-based paint.

    The main ingredient is resin, diluted with water. Suitable for use in walls and ceilings. High-end latex paint products holand wood plastic composite should be healthy and environmentally friendly products: lead, mercury and other harmful substances on the human body, but no irritating smell. The health of the residents will not cause harm paint (enamel paint) This product is actually oily solvent-based paint.

    Suitable for doors and windows, furniture and metal surface. Because it is oily solvent products, easy to volatile toxic gases. So be sure to pick in the purchase of lead, mercury, benzene and other harmful chemicals, high-end brands. This minimizes toxicity. And high-end brand in the film fullness is also better. So that Wood Plastic Decking Series Material home decoration is healthy and beautiful. In addition, in the purchase, good quality paint with the following advantages and characteristics: brand awareness, reputation, product quality and stability, security is guaranteed; brushing paint smooth Easy to maintain and maintain; product color selection and more stable color, no color; product is not easy to maintain the color of the product; Lead and mercury, smell fresh, pay attention low cost garage tiles to environmental protection, harmless human health.

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