furniture of Chinese
  • of annatto furniture and furniture of Chinese style annatto people, to reduce manufacturing cost, use glue and iron nail kind of fixed furniture. When everybody is clear colored polyurethane based coating buying annatto furniture, want to observe whether firm, the component of each join parts is close together carefully, have the mark that nails without iron of burnish surface keep out. If use Tie Ding, the crack of lumber will be very large all

    round annatto furniture component.composite fence panel home The simplest examination method passes metallic detector namely or lodestone detects. Differentiate carver Why does classic annatto furniture of China make the model that Euramerican and classic furniture is modelled on, it is craft of the fourth of the twelve Earthly Branches of annatto furniture tenon not only, and the sculpture technology deck boards clearance that still has have a very high

    level, at present the sculpture means of domestic annatto furniture has manual sculpture and machine to carve two kinds. A careless grain that big the daily life of a family how to bend composite edging sees annatto furniture is medium, Yun Wen for machine carven work, still having a few is half machine draw a design, the half is carved artificially, such efficiency and elegant finished. And a few manufacturer make to reduce cost the machine

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