contract system
  • Refractory overall contract system by many steel companies of all ages Refractory overall contracting advantage The overall contracting and procurement refer to a kind of procurement method that the Wooden Pallet Supplier in Singapore refractories and services required by the steelworks are contracted and supplied by the refractories manufacturers as a whole, which is divided into two types: the whole area contract and the partial area contract.

    This article mainly discusses sub-regional contracting methods, there are generally a single pair of refractories and refractories and total construction of the total package of two forms. Refractories overall contracting advantage has the following aspects: First, it can well control the cost of refractory in the smelting process. The traditional procurement methods, due to vinyl lattice panels 4x8 manufacturers Malaysia changes in smelting conditions caused by refractory consumption changes, resulting in fluctuations in the cost of refractory steel per ton, resulting in steel mills difficult to control the cost.

    The total package procurement approach, you can determine the cost per ton of steel or the total cost, accurately make a year of refractory cost budget. The second is to promote suppliers to improve the quality of refractory materials and new product development initiative. Total package procurement approach, for suppliers, will not consume more refractory as possible, but less consumption, the lower the cost, the higher the profit. In order to reduce refractories consumption, forcing suppliers to improve product quality and extend the life of refractories, but also actively rubber patio tiles over deck develop longer life refractory products.

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