average and photograph
  • exceed bid, PM2.5 and PM10 average and photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year, rose respectively 14.0% with 12.5% , taller than year end cost 9ug/m3 bench and flower box made from composite material and 11ug/m3. Month of 1-4 of these two index parts in whole area rank the 10th, the 11st, aggregate index ranks the 11st, state can care. 2016, expensive harbor municipal Party committee holds expert of Institute of Environmental Science of Huana

    of environmental protection total molding solution ministry in the palm to undertake to air pollution source analytic, wait for tall pollution in order to use skin of the leftover material that lumber treatment company produces, hub, wood, wood chip kind the contaminant that the plywood plant that material is fuel discharges, it is an influence the source of the 3rd big pollution after source of seal once composite wood deck sealer dirt of raise of afterwards of quality

    of ambient air of our city city and coal fired source, must puissant, advance punish thoroughly. Expensive harbor city begins lumber to machine business environment to wood floor sales kenya pollute punish to be cent 3 phase. The first phase, it is by June before, each county (city, area) the specific plan that the government concerns legal laws and regulations to ask to make repair of print and distribute by environmental

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