Floor "moisture" Raiders
  • Solid wood flooring is made of natural wood. It is made of natural wood, raw wood, water content, precision grooving and surface finishes. It is the first choice for upscale home decoration because of its natural fragrance and durability. In the use of solid wood flooring, maintenance and use properly, to keep the floor as new.

    Laying solid wood flooring inspection is completed, it is best to stay a few days and then stay. Because even the finest natural wood flooring products have their natural qualities, the wood flooring itself undergoes some degree of humidity exchange with the surrounding environment, creating some dimensional variation risk. The general indoor environment is the best humidity at room temperature to maintain 50% -70%, the ultimate humidity is between 40% -80%. Pay attention to strengthening the control of air humidity, which is conducive to the health of solid wood flooring.

    In addition, the maintenance of the wooden floor, pay attention to keep the floor dry and clean, to avoid the floor damp, rain and flooding. Shenyang decoration company recommends that if there is stains on the floor surface or floor joints at the dirt, it is recommended to use solid wood floor cleaning supplies with cleaners and other cleaning, should not be cleaned with water, should not use the wet mop mop, nor Floor surfaces can be cleaned with alkaline, soapy, flammable or hot items.

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