Do not worry after the wood floor paving
  • Into summer, the sky is hot, hot and unforgettable. In this case, the most common problem with wood flooring is shrinkage. This is because at high temperature, the moisture inside the wood tends to evaporate, causing the volume of the floor to contract, widening the gap at the splicing floor, or worse, leaving the spout open and cracking even with the air conditioner turned on . Because the air conditioning is equivalent to a dehumidifier, prolonged use of air conditioning blowing floor, the same will make the floor dry, causing shrinkage problems.

    In addition there is a summer floor can not be ignored "killer" is the sun exposure, near the balcony or window on the edge of the floor after exposure, often appear from the seam, the film will blister, discoloration, or even from. If the installation of solid wood floor room with electric stove, rice cooker and other heating appliances, must be placed on the floor of the fire-retardant, anti-scalding cushion, or easy to burn wooden floor, resulting in deformation of the floor.

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