Wood flooring moisture-proof Raiders
  • First of all, if the home installation of wooden floor, there must be someone to stay, if you can not immediately stay, but also to maintain the indoor ventilation, ventilation, cooling; Second, Air-conditioning at home as far as possible not to blow against the floor, if you feel indoors, can be properly humidified; Finally, the owners should go out when the curtains pulled well, do not let the sun directly to the floor.

    Solid wood flooring easily deformed with water, the summer is a rainy season, to be careful rain into the window into the house. Residents living on the ground floor, be careful indoor cement floor back to the water wet. In normal use, if you accidentally sprinkle water on the floor, be sure to use a soft cloth to wipe clean and keep the surface dry. Of course, let the wooden floor safely through the wet rainy season, not only in the pavement in advance waterproof and moisture-proof treatment, but also in the normal care and more to cure the damp wood flooring problem.

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