Wood floors need waxing conservation
  • The surface of the new wood flooring will maintain a kind of grease, these oils can be moisture-proof. After a period of time, the grease will gradually wear away. When people move around, friction will be caused. The movement of furniture and articles will damage the floor. In particular, frequent rubbing of the floor with water will speed up the aging of the floor.

    Before waxing, do not use a cloth containing chemicals to clean the floor, which can lead to poor adhesion of the floor wax. Before waxing, the floor surface must be cleaned of rubbish and dust, either with a vacuum cleaner or with a diluted neutral detergent.

    After cleaning, to carefully check the dry surface of the floor, especially the residual part of the trench detergent, otherwise it will lead to the surface whitening, bulging, until the water is completely dry after waxing, depending on the season, the required drying time is also different Summer generally only 10 to 20 hours.

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