benefits of doing workout along with your friend?
  • There are 5 advantages that I feel when exercising with friends. Anything?

    'It's like a date!'

    If exercising alone, I determine yes or baseball (and end up with most ). While with a friend, then we usually have to schedule when to exercise, what time, where, or want to go to which class. Due to already made an agreement, baseball may not come baseball right?

    Growing a competitive edge

    Duile, same friends own competitive? No, that's not it. In my opinion, in exercising the most difficult is to defeat the laziness in yourself.

    I do enough exercise myself at home, either strength training or yoga. Simply follow the application on mobile phone, yoga mat mat or sports equipment at home, start sport!

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    Yes, in his imagination, anyway. But baseball is rare also I lazy to follow instructions in the application. For example, which should be plank for minutes, I only follow up to 40 seconds only.

    Meanwhile, if I work with my friends, I can push myself to follow the application instructions. Especially if the sport together with friends who physical ability above me. Well, the more competitive!

    Dare to try new things

    I used to believe in myself trying Muay Thai class. Curious anyway, want to know how tired of Muay Thai.

    Then a friend, who used to join Muay Thai invited me to try it. The first reason is for "revenge" because I managed to "force" him to follow the pilates that "baseball he really". Ha ha!

    After several tries, now I became addicted to Muay Thai and started collecting Muay Thai equipment. Try if I just exercise in the safe zone, surely I would not feel the pleasure of cornering or kicking the target as hard as I can (especially if it takes an emotional outlet).


    The cost of a pilates instructor or yoga or even personal trainer is quite expensive, yes, if we pay ourselves. Well, if with a friend, surely we have someone else who can share the fare.

    I quite often do this, really.

    In the beginning of the pilates, I jointly cooperated with some office friends to call the pilates instructor to the office. So if the cost per exercise it should be Rp 1 million, but because divided by 5 people, then we only have to pay Rp 200 thousand only!

    More fun

    For me, the important sport should be fun. Sports with friends, we can laugh at each other's "stupidity" that we do while sporting.

    For example, feeling Beyonce's sections at zumba, but if you see in the glass movement we mess up at all. Or when almost fainted because of having to jab, cross for 100 times non-stop. Or when got a handsome instructor! Everything would be exciting if shared with friends, right?

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