added tax impose
  • halve of import segment value added tax impose. 4, in Russian collaboration advantage. The Russia in July 2001 signs " in Russian good relations of neighbourhood is floating floorboards price friendly cooperative treaty " open up what two countries makes past history is epochal, the investment of area of border of the Russia in be and collaboration provided reliable politics and legal basis, showed stability, the good progress foreground

    that can foreknow. Trading business volume of the Russia in 2001 broke through 10 billion dollar first, collaboration of trade of classics of the Russia in indicating begins privacy wall panel on deck to sail " drive " . Be saved in Chinese Heilongjiang and of government of district of Russia seaside border area drive jointly below, peaceful fragrance river---The process that region economy cooperates accelerates Bogelanijinei apparently, appeared

    to interact together, coordinate driving open aspect. Anyhow, present peaceful fragrance river is occupied " climate, favourable geographical position, support of the people " , carter lumber plastic fence had construction lumber to machine the total requirement of base, accumulate Yo is worn alone attractive industrial catenary, business chance once in a blue moon. Is national quality supervised selective examination express detail carpentry board

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