northeast forestry university
  • Come from Nanjing forestry university, northeast forestry university, medium courtyard of Lin Xue of university of aricultural of courtyard of Na Linxue courtyard, southwest Lin Xue,cost of 500 sq ft composite deck Fujian, Zhejiang, north China profession of college of agriculture of college of agriculture of university, Anhui, Hua Na, Shenzhen. Delegate attending the meeting thinks consistently, in national Ministry of Education new " committee of

    guidance of lumber science and project major education " before holding water, science of countrywide college lumber and technical course party are current different management cheap panels for porch railing set below system " lumber science and technology " the extremely effective form that communication and collaboration have between the school of course. Conference decision, the annual meeting henceforth the basis home " lumber science and

    technology " the current situation of course and development demand, clear 1, 2 themes, the method that uses modernization as far as possible undertakes communicating, so that cladding wooden wickes improve the quality of the party. The annual meeting theme of next year already was designed for furniture certainly (industry is designed) , interior design (artistic design) the teaching material that waits for a respect is written, professional

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