land is resourceful
  • condition is advantaged. Year rainfall 1250, 1750mm, land is resourceful, area of country, upland land occupies total land area 68. 4 % , forestry is amounted to with the ground 1366.all kind of wpc Finland 70 thousand Hm2. Comfortable unripe fast unripe tree is given priority to with eucalyptus wood, lovesickness wood, have birch, Yang Mu additionally, also be good papermaking uses material. 2. Have better economic benefits and broad market

    perspective. Fast raw material 5, material of 6 the year's decking cost per meter harvest, every hectare is pure forest benefit is controlled about 3000 yuan, cost is inferior, every hectare investment needs 6000 yuan or so only. Industry of 1400 many forest products and papermaking company are had inside the area, high yield forest provided rich outdoor wooden tiles Attica raw material resource for them, have wide towel field perspective. 3. Have maturity help advance

    somebody's career the experience that bedding face accumulates high yield forest. Whole area is in fast Lin Liang of unripe high yield is planted breed and cultivate technical respect to be floor boards recycled pvc in domestic lead position, it is medium bay cooperative afforestation demonstrative area, ash of introduce a fine variety and genealogical 174, nursery stock industry is earthed up to go up in ash group, 1 produce per year above of

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