area directly under
  • forestry centre of area directly under -- height, rich is white, east the door high yield of 3 forestry centre forest the area already was achieved respectively 1. 20 thousand, cheap roofing ideas for patios 0. 670 thousand, O. 53 / Hm2(18 10 thousand, 100 thousand, 80 thousand mus) dimensions; 3 be forest paper makes land of Lin Ji of paper raw material in all, wind feng4huang2, 3 yuan, He Da, country sends company of 4 paper estate to already

    had area of high yield forest land to be respectively 6666. 67, 3333. 33, 2666. 67, 1600hm2; 4 it is the private high yield such as the SOHO

    forest cultivate, the large family alternating pickets more attractive that amounts to 10 thousand mus of above among them already pervaded whole area everywhere; 5 it is foreign investment is built fast lay passion of high yield forest rising, the area that the course of study of condition foreign enterprise such as

    company of Jia Hanmu estate of group of Indonesian golden light, Hong Kong builds high yield forest already was achieved respectively 2. 330 thousand Hm2 and 1. 330 thousand Hm2.harga wood plastic composite board Diversity pattern promotes whole area fast give birth to high yield forest to develop more quickly. 3. Mode diversification is current whole area fast give birth to high yield forest to develop mode to be 3 kinds, , be: "Bibcock industry group

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