energy being given to the plants
  • to be enchanting, then choose an enchanting gate. If your garden is simple go for a more basic design. And if your garden is just pretty then choose something to fit it, like a wrought iron gate with curved accents. 2. Garden lighting Lighting can add a lot of character to your garden. There are the more basic designs, such as rectangular, self-standing

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    patio lights, and then there are more elaborate lighting designs. Lights can be hidden in massive snowballs, planters, and other kinds of sculptures. 3. Garden ornaments Many people overlook decorating their gardens with ornaments. They feel that plants and pathways are enough, and often they are. But sometimes, including a bird house, windmill, or

    fountain can add a lot of texture to a garden, and give it more of a complete look. Crystal helixs, and dancing dragonflies are popular choices. 4. Sheds and summer houses Sheds are a great way to store seasonal tools and appliances. Some people choose to expand their sheds and convert them into full work studios. Log cabins can feel like a cosy and

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