control than a traditional garden
  • easier to control than a traditional garden, plants have a harder time spreading and weeds are easier to catch. In the pots a combination on climbing plants and small trees will accentuate the height of the pergola garden design. There are several flowering climbing plants such as honeysuckle and

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    morning glory do well and smell very nice. Fruit bearing trees are also a nice choice for a potted pergola garden as dwarf versions of many trees so well in pots and they will actually bear fruit. Many types of roses will also climb the structure of a pergola, allowing the pergola garden design to be

    covered in the fragrant beauty of the roses. The inside of the area could continue the theme by having potted rose bushes which have been encouraged to grow in interesting designs like a shrub. The Accessories A pergola garden design should include accessories which enhance the enjoyment of the space.

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