Garden ornaments Many people overlook
  • romantic getaway without having to go further then your backyard. Put in a little bed and a fireplace and snuggle up. They're also a great place to host guests. And of course there are children's playhouses. The best place for kids to escape and imagine make-believe worlds. 5. Greenhouses and glass houses Greenhouses are structures with different kinds

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    of covering materials, like glass or plastic. Being clear they allow in a lot of solar radiation which is why they heat up so quickly. This in turn, increases the amount of energy being given to the plants. 6. Shade sails Shade sails are a popular and effective way to block out the sun whilst still maintaining a chic look for your garden. There are a variety of shade

    structure designs. Amongst the most common are: pagoda, star, solar, hypar and halo. 7. Garden fencing Fencing for the garden generally comes in panels and posts. -Panels: Panels need to be stepped to follow the contour of the ground. In other words they must remain level, they cannot slope. This can sometimes leave gaps between the spacing.

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