different strategies for revamping
  • of a cottage style garden then there are always going to be beds to weed, plants to deadhead, trees to prune, hedges to trim and so on. If you are pushed for time, are you really going to be able to carry out all the necessary tasks? Some gardens don't require a large amount of work. This is especially true of those that rely on non-plant related features

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    such as water fountains and statues. It is possible to create an interesting and unique space in even the smallest garden without using too much greenery. Decking is another great way to enjoy your garden without needing to spend too much time working in it. Add a few pots here and there, perhaps a small fish pond, and you have a contemporary and

    relaxing environment in which to read a book or entertain friends. Garden Design For New Homes When many people move in to a new home with an existing garden, they often want to change it. Some of the main things they want to alter are the style of plants, so they are the ones they like. The colour of plants and flowers. The use of space, for things

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