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  • like playing or relaxing, or to create borders or screens around the garden. One of the biggest mistakes home gardeners make, similar to home handymen, is not having a plan from the beginning, about what the final result should look like. This often results and many half completed jobs and disjointed areas of garden as a result of changing ideas.

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    Another big problem is having ideas that are too hard for a home gardener to complete, so they either get pushed to the side, or done in a makeshift way. There are different strategies for revamping an old garden, but one of the more important steps for successful designs is to make a complete plan from the beginning, so that you have a goal.

    Everyone knows that targets are more likely to be reached when you have a fixed goal. Often major parts of the design process will be dictated by the natural landscape, and the job of the garden designer is to work with nature and use the positives that different features will provide. Another big step is to think about what the main purpose of different

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