Hydraulic Cylinders Of Vertical Mill
  • The vertical roller mill is moved through the hydraulic cylinder, and have the functions of automatic width control (AWC) and short stroke control (SSC). It can match the plane shape control technology to improve the dimensional accuracy of the width of the steel plate, and also effectively control the shape of the head and tail of the steel plate.

    Two hydraulic cylinders are equipped with built-in displacement sensors for accurate positioning. Before rolling, the AWC must be in a "connection" state. The roll gap is first adjusted to the set position, which varies with the thickness of the rolling piece and the rolling force.

    The vertical rolling mill can be divided into upper or lower transmission vertical rolling mills according to the transmission mode. According to the way of motor installation, it can also be divided into horizontal motor drive and vertical motor drive mode.

    The split vertical rolling mill mainly adopts underdrive, and only a small number of vertical rolling mills are used abroad. The upper vertical transmission mill is mainly driven by upper drive, but the lower part of the rolling mill is used in some rolling mills.

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