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The Queen Black Dragon is fought in four phases. During the first phase, she will attack with melee (if you are within her attack range), Ranged, and Dragonfire. Be aware that this dragonfire attack can hit 700 or higher, so the use of antifire or super antifire potions are a necessity. She will also use a special fire wall attack

(shown in the chat box with an orange message). You must pass through the gap in the flames to avoid damage. If this attack does hit, it will hit in the low 200s, dealing damage twice if it passes over you. Running through it may deal damage once, or, timed luckily, may not deal damage at all. In future phases,

with multiple waves of flame, reaching a faraway gap may be difficult and running directly through the flames may be a better alternative to taking many hits upon failing to reach the gap. When the health bar for the first stage reaches zero, the Queen will start coughing up level 105 giant grotworms.

Yes there multiple other keys to use. I have a G600 and can bind 4+ more things to it if I really wanted to with my current setup, with even more keys if adding Shift/Alt. That not the point. This change would only marginally benefit people like me, but it a great QoL to others. The point is to add more keybinds available as an option, especially since Space is such a key button in many other PC games it only makes sense to use Space for things beyond interface advancement.

Gnangarra 08:06, 8 August 2006 (UTC)Fancruft guide noticeCrossposting here and at Portal talk:RuneScapeAfter a final polish, and as there are no other objections, I have created this template in Portal:RuneScape/Fancruftguide, and shall be transcluding it onto subpages shortly. I won't be substing it though, so any improvements will be reflected immediately on the subpages.

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