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You are way off the mark: Islam is moderate by definition and kidnapping a journalist who is trying buy osrs gold to do his job is abhorrent and has absolutely nothing to do with Islam; such people are a disgrace to themselves and to humanity.Where in Islam does it say to hijack a guest like Allen Johnston who should have been afforded hospitality and protection in a Muslim land? Radicalism and thuggary have nothing to do with faith.

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The Washington Post (CNN, FOXNews, etc) calls soldiers who die in the Iraq invasion "Fallen soldiers/Faces" when they were clearly the aggressors and often honors them by printing their photos along with their bios. Al Jazeera does not do this with the bombers in either case.Bashir is understandably angry about the what is happening to a fellow journalist but his anger does not justify the sweep generalization and contempt contained in his message.

Bashir scolded all Muslims and blames his favorite punch bag and black sheep, Al Jazeera, for the martyr/sacrifice mentality while praising western journalists for "sacrificing their lives" for their noble cause.Al Jazeera only broadcasts in Arabic so I wonder how this station reaches the Muslims Bashir talks about when the majority of them do not speak or understand Arabic. Arabic speaking Muslims make up only 20% of all Muslims in the world.

On the issue of describing suicide bombers as martyrs, it is not as accurate as Bashir claimed."A common charge is that the channel's correspondents invariably describe suicide bombers as "martyrs." And Al Jazeera reporters have, by their own admission, used the term though they say that where their audience is concerned, describing the dead as a martyr is more an obligatory display of respect than a glorification of murder.

(Contrast this with the administration approved term employed by Fox News, "homicide bombers," which strips the bombers of their only positive trait, bravery.) Regardless, transcripts from the CIA operated Foreign Broadcast Information Service show that anchors and reporters regularly use "suicide bomber," while guests and sources prefer "martyr."

Al Jazeera spokesman Ballout says that in every case, context matters: "We figure that if somebody dies in the cause of defending his own land then he is a martyr, but if he carries a bomb into Tel Aviv and blows himself up, then he is not a martyr."Bashir can tune to watch the "truth" on CNN, FoxNews or Al Hurra and we will continue to watch Al Jazeera.

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