Use of coiled steel spreaders March 13, 2019 3:19 AM

By : juniper

Steel coil spreader is a special lifting tool, which is specially used for wholesale hot rolled steel coil lifting in steel mills. It plays a vital role in warehouse loading, dumping, car, train and other loading and unloading yards. The use of steel coil spreaders should be fully in accordance with the requirements, and put on the "safety plug", otherwise it will bring hidden dangers to the lifting work. 1. Check the steel coil spreader before use, such as checking the wear, rust, stretching, bending, and degree of change of the coil spreader, and find that the overrun is stopped. 2. The wholesale hot rolled steel coil spreader should be selected according to the tonnage and geometrical degree of the steel coil to ensure that it is in safe lifting capacity and overload operation is prohibited. 3. Think about the impact of the center of gravity, try to adhere to the balance, the lifting point of the hook should strive to be on the same vertical line with the center of gravity, so that the hoisting weight is in a stable balance, to prevent slipping or overturning when raising.

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