Environmental impact of damaged geomembrane April 12, 2019 4:45 AM

By : juniper

The wholesale smooth hdpe geomembrane construction strictly guarantees the construction quality according to the construction request. The geomembrane will be destroyed during transportation and construction. The destroyed central area will definitely affect the quality of the project. If it is tailings, the high hydroxide content will be destroyed in the center. Leakage to the public, perhaps leaking into the drinking water, and forming a major result.

Therefore, for the selection of hdpe geomembrane, the construction method has strict quality specifications. Destroying the layer underneath the geomembrane, the conventional method can not detect the damage. This time, the electrical leakage detection method can be handled well.

Various types of locations and examples of various geomorphological features have brought great tempering to our construction. The construction staff of Zhongrui Environmental Protection Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. are strictly implementing the obligations in accordance with the construction specifications.

If there is mud under the hdpe geomembrane, firstly ensure the safety of the construction staff, and then use the petrol tank or sponge to lay the construction channel on the quagmire. The construction staff must use the safety rope. Make a good passage and go forward little by little.

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