Multi-Functional Corn, Sorghum, Soybean, Grain Thresher/Sheller advantages April 15, 2019 3:58 AM

By : huimin

The multi-functional peanut shelling machine is professional equipment for shelling peanuts. The machine combines peanut shelling and shell kernel separation. It has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation, low power consumption, and low noise. It is a good helper for the majority of farmers and friends to make a fortune! The Multi-Functional Corn, Sorghum, Soybean, Grain Thresher/Sheller produced by our factory is a small and advanced agricultural and sideline processing equipment for peanut peeling.
Since the equipment was put into the market, it has been very popular among farmers and professional processing households in the peanut crop production areas. The machine has the characteristics of small size, simple structure, lightweight, easy to move, no complicated installation, high production efficiency, low cost, good cleaning effect, convenient use, and maintenance.
1. Shelling and rolling are based on the principle of wood rolling rotary stripping and electric screen grading.
2. Shell rolling and rolling using high-quality imported wood, the seed damage rate is extremely low, the shell is made of iron plate dusting process is beautiful and sturdy and durable.
3. The Grain Thresher/Sheller is 220V and the power is 2.2KW. The new copper wire motor has a longer life.
4. The well-designed special hair dryer has moderate windiness and uniform wind distribution, which can effectively separate the seed and shell and optimize the seed recovery rate.
5. The shelling machine is equipped with a high-quality universal wheel, which adopts unique side-mounted design and is convenient to move.
6, small size, efficient and convenient. Shelling per hour can reach 800-900 kg (peanut fruit), and the peeling rate is over 98%.
7. Each machine is equipped with three tweezers, which can be used for peanut peeling of different sizes.

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