Problems of Galvalumed Steel Sheet May 16, 2019 3:10 AM

By : juniper

For the surface of high-quality galvalume steel sheet, there is no composite high-temperature indentation, and its surface has no residual stress and does not deform after shearing. It is to protect the excellent performance of the galvalume steel sheet, which will cause it to be encountered during transportation. No small difficulty. Below we will analyze the common problems of galvalume steel in transportation:

In the transportation process of the galvalume steel plate, the integrity of the product must be guaranteed, and there must be no scratches at all. In summer, the temperature is high, the winter is cold, and the different seasons will bring inconvenience to transportation. The transportation process takes one or two hours, aluminum sheet When you arrive at the destination, you may find a large number of water droplets caused by the oxidation of the color coated aluminum coil, causing a great loss.

When transporting at high temperature, put a desiccant in the middle of each galvalume steel sheet, or open the small holes on both sides for ventilation, or place the exhaust system to avoid the oxidation caused by the high temperature after the water droplets appear during transportation.

Galvalume steel plates will encounter many problems in the process of transportation. As long as these problems are solved, they can maintain their complete performance and can be safely delivered to customers.

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