ultrafine mill has unique advantages to attract customers January 30, 2018 2:30 AM

By : xiaomo

Our company manufacturing strengthen type ultrafine mill is mainly used in the production of ore powder equipment, it can make the ore grinding to fine fineness can reach 2500, and if the user does not need such a fine material, can also be ground to 325 mesh, can be adjusted in 325 to 2500 between.There are so many ultrafine mills on the market, so what is the special advantage of the ultrafine mill that can attract so many customers?

First of all, the grinding material layer and multi round powder selection principle, and each rotor can be variable speed, the grinding fineness in the selected range does not require a grader can be realized, and energy saving than ordinary mill.

Secondly, the automation level of the machine is comparable to that of all kinds of intelligent operation systems, such as mechanical limit device and electronic limit device, roller press control mode, single lubrication station device, etc., which can easily monitor the mill production status, and is safe and reliable.

Moreover, the ultrafine mill pays special attention to the energy saving and environmental protection. Wear-resistant parts use high quality materials, save metal consumption, work under negative pressure, no dust overflow, and small vibration, low noise, meet the environmental requirements.

The new ultrafine mill is a new professional equipment in the ultra-fine milling industry. It has outstanding advantages in technology application, product quality, production efficiency, production cost, energy saving and environmental protection. It's your best choice.

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