How to control the Raymond mill grinding pressure smoothly? February 04, 2018 9:41 PM

By : xiaomo

Raymond mill has high sales in the market, the quality of the Raymond mill can bring customer high yields and yield, efficiency, also can make Raymond mill factory of the brand, the so-called word-of-mouth effect. The application of Raymond powder mill is widely used, which is the grinding equipment chosen by many powder enterprises.

Raymond mill pressure is produced by hydraulic system, hydraulic system of hydraulic station and hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic cylinder attached to the accumulator, the grinding process on the hydraulic pressure vibration and buffer the role of mechanical load. When the pump station works, the hydraulic pressure can also be raised, and the grinding pressure should be basically equal to the grinding pressure, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the grinding mill. The grinding roller is affected by the pressure of the roller and the drawing rod, which directly affects the output: the grinding pressure is large, the grinding effect is enhanced, and the output is high. Conversely, production is low. However, the grinding pressure should not be too large, otherwise, the main motor will be increased in accordance with the increase of the non-working, and the vibration of the pulverizer will be increased, and the lining board and other equipment of the grinding machine will be damaged. In the operation engineering, to maintain the grinding pressure in the setting range.

Raymond grinding out pattern in the material is due to Raymond mill powder weight and related parts in the hydraulic system formed by the interaction of tensioning force of milling force and the grinding pressure makes the material inside the Raymond mill to high speed, continuous mill, Raymond mill which can make the material being ruled out. However, the parts of the Raymond mill machine are very easy to wear, and if they are worn, it will cause less pressure and lower quality. At the same time, it will increase the cost, production and work efficiency will also decrease continuously. If without considering the related parts of wear condition, the hydraulic system tension force as a variable, in order to maintain the normal operation of the construction work, to increase the tensioning force liquid system, will raise Raymond mill milling force, improve the efficiency of Raymond mill work, increase the production of Raymond mill machine.

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