Ultrafine mill grinding material and application March 05, 2018 2:40 AM

By : xiaomo

Company development and production of ultrafine mill is a kind of vertical milling machine, it can be used for a variety of ore materials and the production of flour, Ultrafine Mill application field is very wide, the following information for more than two of the product for your brief introduction, I hope for your help to the production of flour with a certain.

Ultrafine grinding mill is a product of vertical mill. When it is used in ore material pulverizing, it uses the principle of material disc grinding, that is, ore material is transported to the material tray of machine, and then it is rolled by the grinding roller on the material pan to achieve material grinding.

Ultrafine mill is a machine developed in the mill on the basis of the research, its purpose is to expand the scope of product fineness of vertical milling machine series products, the original 80 mesh to 400 mesh fineness range of 80 to 650, this is because the company developed legislation the original grinding fineness of 80 mesh to 400 mesh, the machine developed after the vertical mill in the range of fineness 400 mesh to 650 mesh, and therefore expand the machine finished feed range.

Ultrafine mill can grind mineral species more, generally if the ore Mohs hardness of less than five, the mineral density below 3.2, minerals belong to non flammable and explosive products, customers need to get the finished material fineness in finished product fineness in the scope of this machine, most can use this product to the production of flour, and can these ore materials are as follows: limestone, dolomite, calcite, barite, talc etc..

Because ultrafine grinding powder grinding fineness can be relatively high, in 400 to 650, but the relatively narrow range of fineness of slag powder, so finished industrial applications are not particularly like in metallurgical industry, non-metallic ore milling industry, this product has important applications.

After the ore ultrafine mill grinding, mainly used to produce raw materials for production or packing, such as limestone materials, after the product was obtained by grinding 600 or 400 mesh fineness of material, can be used as fireproof ceiling and floor brick production, can also be used in the manufacture of rubber and plastic etc..

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