The method of selecting the suitable ultrafine mill March 06, 2018 1:14 AM

By : xiaomo

In recent years, the grinding mill used in more and more fields, for example, non-metallic minerals, chemical raw materials, advanced ceramics raw materials, processing precision abrasive etc., can be used in ultra fine mill  for processing, but the face of ultrafine mill type variety, how to choose it, standing in the user perspective simple analysis on how to choose the appropriate ultrafine mill machine.

At present, the size of the size of the more than 100 mill manufacturers, facing a large number of ultrafine mill manufacturers, how to choose the customer? This is a problem for users. The ultrafine grinding machine is widely used in the grinding of metallurgical, building materials, chemical, mine and other fields.

The expansion of the application scope of the ultrafine mill has brought the gospel to the users, and it also brings difficulties to the users. Because of the expansion of the scope of application, a large number of manufacturers have come to produce ultrafine mills and other grinding machines, which have laid the obstacles for the user's choice. After years of experience, Shi bang machine has brought the gospel to numerous users. According to the requirements of customers, we summed up the following items, attacking customers' reference.

When choosing the ultrafine grinder, we should pay attention to the following points: whether the machine meets the requirement of product fineness, which is the basic requirement; secondly, whether to meet the requirements of output or scale. Mainly considering the production capacity of single equipment, in order to meet the premise of production, the number of equipment table is as few as possible.

According to the point of view of saving, the unit energy consumption of the ultrafine mill is also an indicator of choice. The lower the unit energy consumption, the lower the production cost of the product, the greater the income. In the process of use, the wear and tear of the equipment is also an important parameter. The wear and tear of equipment will increase the service life of the bottom hole equipment, increase the cost of equipment input, and affect the quality of the products. When the equipment is selected, the strength, material and abrasion resistance of the worn parts should be compared.

In the selection of ultrafine mill, remember, good machine, its equipment matching performance is generally excellent. Moreover, the user should choose the simple equipment of the process system, save many unnecessary links to our production, and save the cost of production. It is also necessary to choose equipment with good performance and simple process as much as possible, which has brought guarantee to production.

Now, environmental protection is more and more important, so environmental indicators can become long producing many machinery industry standard, so, as a user, we should choose the dust emission, noise, environmental protection and labor safety and health standards of the equipment, the response of policy.

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