sand making production line process characteristics March 29, 2018 4:37 AM

By : xiaomo

Due to the recent China's construction, water conservancy and other aspects of the construction, increase the demand of domestic sand, sand industry very influential; rise sand industry, the mining machinery industry of sand making machine, processing equipment and technological process of research and improvement. As an important part of sand and gravel production line, sand making machine is very important for its stability and durability because of its important position in the production of manufactured sand.

The mechanism of sand production line can not only provide high-quality aggregate for highway, railway, high-rise buildings, municipal engineering, hydropower dam construction, port, concrete mixing station, and increasingly become the main stream of production equipment of metal ore, quartz sand, slag processing and other fields, has become the core mechanism of sand and stone plastic industry field the.

Technological process

First of all, the material into the jaw crusher preliminary broken; secondly, the coarse material produced by belt conveyor to the crushing machine for further broken, then after crushing sandstone vibrating sieve into two kinds of gravel, sand sand mechanism to meet the feed size of sand making machine, another part of the material to return again into fine broken.

Part of the sand machine's material is made into sand, washed by sand washing machine (optional) and made into finished sand. The other part of the machine is broken again, and the final output of all kinds of machine-made sand meets the requirements.

Process characteristics

1. the product is cubic, strong and excellent, with low content and strong compression capacity, which is suitable for high standard construction, such as water conservancy, bridges, highways and high-rise building industries.

2. the mechanism of sand production line is suitable for granite, Xuan Wuyan, river gravel, aluminum, cement clinker, quartz stone, Jin Gang sand, sand, iron ore and other raw materials are broken, the traditional customer service mechanism of sand production equipment is only applicable to soft material crushing shortcomings.

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