slag ultrafine mill for sale March 29, 2018 4:55 AM

By : birder2525

Qin technician listened to our narrative, silently smiled. It tells us: 'You are the right person! Previously, our company has been studying and solving the problem of blocking materials such as slag, which has achieved great success recently and has also been very successful in practice. We are in the solution to the problem of blocking material cutting system to break the routine to adopt the method of mandatory blanking method to solve the problem of blocking material, that is, the material will be changed to the mandatory gravity by the dynamic feeding, with the wheel Feeder to replace the original hydraulic three-valve, pipe screw conveyor to replace the original next cut. Has been able to effectively solve the problem of slag blocking material it!
Immediately after we relayed the words of Dr. Qin to Wang, he immediately made improvements. Now we will report the production status of the modified slag ultrafine mill system as follows: After the renovation, although the shutdown of the existing mill system was started after the renovation, there was no blocking phenomenon and the equipment operation rate was up 90%, after the transformation of ultrafine mill average output more than the original about 400 tons. The slag processing plant king boss has decided to replace several new ultrafine mill.
on the ultrafine mill system transformation of raw materials, not only effectively solve the slag and other blocking material problems, but also greatly improve the yield, but also save energy consumption, greatly improving economic efficiency.

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