The Proper Operation of Sand Making Machine April 02, 2018 10:46 PM

By : xiaomo

With the intermittent propulsion of national infrastructure construction, the application of sand making machine in sand industry is wider and wider. To efficiently and safely produce high-quality sand, it is very important to correctly operate this sand making plant. We will explain what should be paid attention when operating sand maker.

1. Before starting, check whether the observation door of the vortex motion chamber is tightly closed to prevent materials from rushing out and cause danger.

2. Check the rotating direction of the impeller. Seen from the direction of the feeding mouth, the impeller should rotating in the anti-clockwise direction, if not, adjust the connecting rod of the electromotor.

3. The correct starting order of sand making plant and conveyor equipment should be: ore discharging equipment-sand maker-feeder machine. The sand making equipment should be started with empty load and be fed with materials after normal operation. The stopping order is just the opposite of starting order.

4. The feeding granularity should conform to the standard, and materials bigger than the standard are forbidden to go into sand maker, otherwise it will cause unbalance and overdue abrasion of the impeller and even block the impeller pipe and central feeding pipe, and sand making equipment will not work normally. If large materials go inside, immediately discharge them.

5. When discharging equipment stops, timely stop material feeding, otherwise the impeller will be crushed and the motor will be burnt down.

6. Material feeding must be even.

7. In the running process of a sand making plant, if there is fierce vibration or abnormal noise, immediately stop the machine for examination, otherwise the impeller will be damaged.

8. Timely add lubricating grease to the machine and use dry oil lubrication. The adding amount should be 1/2-2/3 of the cavity of the bearing.

We hopes that the above advice can help customers to correctly operate a sand maker and reduce the failure in the using process to contribute to the fast development of infrastructure construction.

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